Pipe Creek Christmas Tree Farm

Activities/Services Provided


Hayrides (FREE) on weekends (weather permitting).

Bring your camera and take pictures of family and friends with the cut out of Santa and Mrs. Santa Claus with the children’s faces as ornaments.

We furnish saws.

After you cut your tree, we shake the loose needles from the tree, wrap the tree in netting, and furnish cord to tie your farm grown tree onto your vehicle.

Anyone needing assistance to cut a tree or bring it in from the field to the processing area, ask an attendant for help.

If you have a tree stand that requires a hole bored in the base of the tree to accomodate the spike, no problem! We will be glad to drill the hole with our drilling machine.

Fresh fragrant wreaths and tree stands with large water reservoirs and a remote watering system is available.