Pipe Creek Christmas Tree Farm

Types of Trees


Afghan pine (Eldarica) – This is the primary tree grown at the farm.
Needles are soft, 1½ – 2 inches in length with strong branches. The tree is not real dense which provides space for inside ornaments. This is the only species of pine which will grow in the high alkaline soil in the Texas Hill Country.

Leyland cypress – The foilage is feathery and soft. The trees tend to be very dense…no inside space for ornaments. Very clean…NO NEEDLE DROP on floor.

Fraser fir – This tree can not be grown in Texas so we bring these premium trees in from North Carolina. Sizes range from 5 feet to 12/13 feet.

As soon as these trees arrive at the farm, they are placed in WATER and REMAIN in WATER and SHADE until the customer takes the tree home. Many places advertise their precut trees are “Displayed in water“…ours are KEPT in WATER!

NOTE: All of our trees are FRESH when they leave the farm! If the trees are KEPT IN WATER AND OUT OF DIRECT heat, THEY SHOULD NOT DRY OUT.

LIVING CHRISTMAS TREES – This is your tree, if you are searching for a Christmas tree that does not have to be cut, will not dry out or drop needles, is not fake and can be planted after Christmas. The trees are the Leyland cypress and also the Blue Ice [cultivar of Arizona cypress] available in 15 gallon pots. No tree stand needed.